I have procrastinated too long about showing some of the quilts and embroideries I have stitched over the last 30 years. I am now rectifying this and hope to add to my journal as quilts and creations are gradually completed. I have so many unfinished projects many of these used for teaching purposes. I have decided that after the last few years during which I have been unable to stitch as much as previously it is time to try and finish as many as possible.
I hope that you enjoy looking at some of my creations as I work through this pile! It may take some time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding

Hi, as promised I am now showing the dress that I made for my older daughter Karinne who was married on Friday 11 November, 2011.  A date that she says she will never forget!

I have always promised both of my daughters that I would make their special dress so wasn't too surprised when Karinne asked me about hers.  This dress was quite beautiful and relatively simple and I thought it would be sooo easy.  That is until a couple of months later Karinne rang and told me that she had changed her mind and that I would really love the new dress!!!!!  I posted a picture that she gave me showing the inspiration for her new design.  It took a couple of tries to draft the toile ready for fitting and to give me an idea how much fabric would be needed (there were a couple of changes needed - a bigger train for one) and we were then off to purchase the fabric.  Along came the bridesmaid - apparently I was making her dress as well!  Anyway, we ordered the fabric and at the same time Debby (the bridesmaid) saw a fabric that she really liked so we purchased all they had of that too - just as well. 

The cutwork edges were my design and was stitched with a maximum of 3 repeats at a time because of the curves,  the remaining designs were adaptions of OESD 12236 Needle Painted roses embroidery set.  I do not know how many hoopings there were after I stopped counting.  To finish her dress the lining was completely stitched in by hand following the cutwork edges.  I completed the designs with approx 25 gross of hot fix crystals and crystals to complete one of the shoulders.  This section was rebeaded 5 times before I decided to use a light weight fishing line.

Anyway to cut a long story here are some photos and Karinne and Debby were very happy with their choices.  All of the following photos were taken before the final pressing which was not done until the morning of the wedding.

A closeup of the bodice embroidery and cutwork edging
Detail showing the front section and the crystal detail for the left shoulder
View from the back showing the embroidered train (before pressing)
Karinne trying the dress before final details were completed
My husband David and Karinne about to come down the steps.

 Karinne and Terry chose to marry at a small cove just outside the seaside town of Point Turton on the western side of Yorke Peninsula.  They had a perfect day with very little wind but there were quite a few high steps to get down to the beach.  (There happened to be a few people sunbathing at the time so they were treated to our chorus during the nuptials)

During the ceremony - the young man on the left is my grandson Blue
Debbies dress completed
Karinne and Terry had decided to marry at a place where they spend much of their free time.  They also arranged everything - accommodation for all of their guests, a bus to take all of the guests to and from the wedding and a beautiful venue for the reception after drinks and nibbles at a different venue.  A very happy occasion enjoyed by all.


  1. Stunning! I hope one day to approach your skill level. Looks like a beautiful way to celebrate a wedding.

  2. Wow! That is a fabulous dress and your daughter looks so pretty. Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

  3. You are simply amazing!!! What a GORGEOUS wedding dress!! I love the bridesmaids one also!