I have procrastinated too long about showing some of the quilts and embroideries I have stitched over the last 30 years. I am now rectifying this and hope to add to my journal as quilts and creations are gradually completed. I have so many unfinished projects many of these used for teaching purposes. I have decided that after the last few years during which I have been unable to stitch as much as previously it is time to try and finish as many as possible.
I hope that you enjoy looking at some of my creations as I work through this pile! It may take some time.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Playing with the Cutwork Software

Hi, I know I have been very remiss these last few months, but working on bridal wear has taken precedent over most other things.  I vowed that I would not make a quilt during this time......Well - that was broken almost at once.  To date I am working on four.  The one I am going to show you is one that I made using the Cutwork Software and my Bernina 830. 

It was inspired by an article I saw in a book about Friendship quilts - one of my Monday girls has the book and I forgot to get the name of it.  I will let you know.

 This is the page that I scanned and used to digitise the design.

All of the applique pieces were cut out in the embroidery hoop taking approximately 4 hours.  The blocks took 17 minutes for each to stitch out and once I was at the quilting stage, the full blocks were stitched in 4 minutes.  Each of the blocks was outlined free motion stitched and I digitised the filler design so that it was stitched in blue on the cream and cream on the blue.  Where the blocks were divided between both the centre and border areas were still stitched with one hooping - I really did have to be careful when I hooped!
Placing the applique pieces and removing the paper from the shapes took the most time and I ended up streamlining that by removing the paper for up to 4 blocks at the same time.  All in all a quick quilt.  I scanned the photo of the quilt, in the V6 Designer software, I digitised one of the leaf sets, the diamond and the centre flowers.  Saved these in Exp format and opened the Cutwork software.  Filled the appropriate hoop with each individual design (one hoop for leaves and stems, one for diamonds etc)  It was so quick.  I hooped a heavy tearaway and basted 3-6 layers of vliesofixed fabric with each hooping.

My Version of the Snowflake quilt



Centre blocks and quilting

In the hoop Applique detail

Centre Block

Border Block

 Hopefully you enjoy looking at this project.


  1. Your quilt is lovely! I wish I could understand more how it is done (I have never done machine embroidery--my machine is 40 years old so I don't know the first thing about anything on the machine). I am quite behind the times. :) Saw your link on the Bernina 800 series group--I am thinking about buying a new machine, but am seriously debating whether or not I can learn all the details, and deal with the settings, etc. needed by the machine, after years of using a machine that just goes, regardless of maintenance! But, all that aside, I think your quilt is incredible--thanks for sharing it!

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing how you went about making it.

  3. Chris, Very beautiful! Thank you for posting the steps you took. I always find that interesting and helpful. I'm hoping to start working more with the CutWork tool in the future with bigger projects. Pam

  4. Beautiful!!! I love it. You did a great job.