I have procrastinated too long about showing some of the quilts and embroideries I have stitched over the last 30 years. I am now rectifying this and hope to add to my journal as quilts and creations are gradually completed. I have so many unfinished projects many of these used for teaching purposes. I have decided that after the last few years during which I have been unable to stitch as much as previously it is time to try and finish as many as possible.
I hope that you enjoy looking at some of my creations as I work through this pile! It may take some time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another version

Finally another quilt.  This was an original variation of a drunkards path and was the first one I stitched before I was sidetracked when one of my class students asked if there was a way to do something similar but smaller.  The smaller quilt has already been posted and is a more traditional setting.
This quilt used 2 x charm packs, 1 x layer cake and a jelly roll.  I did add a monotone for the final border and used the leftover jelly roll strips for the piped binding.
It was a wonderful way to use the decorative stitches of my 830.  I chose a palette of approximately 9 thread colours and used the same decorative stitch for all of the pieces stitched onto each of the layer cake squares.  Some of the seams were stitched with just one decorative stitch whilst others were stitched with two rows.  All of the small straight edges leading into the curved sections were stitched with blanket stitching.  The ability to use the history for stitches made this so quick, well almost.
I finished the quilt by ditch quilting both sides of the sashing and border and then quilted the squares and borders by using the jumbo hoop.  The block and border designs are my own digitising.  Thanks Otto for the great photos.  As you can see he gets them lovely and straight (Not like my last lot - the floral visions version)


  1. were the blocks stitched and then the decorative stitches made or were the blocks pieced in the hoop

  2. Hi,
    The blocks were appliqued and then the quilt put together. Iron double sided adhesive to the wrong side of the charm squares (5"), then use circle cutter to cut the shape and applique them using the stitches to the layer cake fabrics (10" squares). Once all of the squares are appliqued, join using pieces cut from a jelly roll (2 1/2" wide strips). Could also have stitched all of the blocks in the embroidery hoop of the 830 but it was a lesson to show my students something different to make using their decorative stitches. Almost all of them have now made one or the other version of this quilt.