I have procrastinated too long about showing some of the quilts and embroideries I have stitched over the last 30 years. I am now rectifying this and hope to add to my journal as quilts and creations are gradually completed. I have so many unfinished projects many of these used for teaching purposes. I have decided that after the last few years during which I have been unable to stitch as much as previously it is time to try and finish as many as possible.
I hope that you enjoy looking at some of my creations as I work through this pile! It may take some time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hi - remember I thought that I would show some of my earlier quilts.  I begin by showing a wall hanging which was the only quilt juried into the inaugural Dame Nancy Buttfield exhibition back in 1991??  I played with dimensional Aussie national and state floral emblems.
Australiana Floral Wreath
This one is hand appliqued and quilted with trapunto.

Another quilt also with the Aussie theme and also with dimensional state flowers was part of the exhibition for the Artist and the Quilter, I think about 1992 - will definitely have to keep better records - and learn how to use my camera better!  This one is again hand appliqued with needle turn, machine free embroidery and machine quilted.

Unfortunately I need lessons on photography - too bright

Detail - this is more the colour of the piece.  It does sit flat
Detail of left corner

And finally a landscape I did for a conference in Denver Colorado about 2004.  This one is machine needle turn applique, machine free embroidery and machine free quilted.  I also added fabric painting and this caused quite a stir back then!  I used corded thread embroidery for the small tree trunks and branches and heavy braids for the fence posts.  The leaves of the trees were scraps, randomly cut and stitched where they fell.  The large trees and the foreground were also trapuntoed to give added dimension.

ENJOY - Chris

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